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Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council has a well established reputation for staging free music events like Jammin’ in the Park and One Beat.  In 2007 the council joined forces with local promoters in Basingstoke and Deane to put on the inaugural Basingstoke Live Music Festival with the aim of uniting the town in hosting a diverse range of local, regional, national and international musical talent that would bring Basingstoke to life and had something for everyone.

A decade on and Basingstoke Live is more than just a music festival.  Music is still at the heart of the festival but in order to celebrate the creativity of artists from around the borough and region you will find a whole range of acts from music, art, drama and dance.


Basingstoke Live is put together by the Basingstoke Live Forum.  The Forum consists of a collection of local promoters, co-ordinated by Drum Runners, working with the Events Team at Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council.  The event and programme would not be possible without the hard work of the forum members who have a passion for music and the arts and celebrating all that is good about Basingstoke.

The Basingstoke Live Forum Members

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council funds the event, awards contracts to suppliers, handles the marketing and publicity and also will be the event management throughout the festival.

Drum Runners

Paul Midgley & Jason Knight

It’s not just about drumming! Or just about events management! Drum Runners deliver a wide variety of projects and workshops facilitated by their team of professional artists (including singers, dancers, musicians and DJ’s). Passionate about the work that they do in providing accessible projects that bring people together, Drum Runners take their ethos of community music making into all the work they deliver. With this strong community focus they work with all ages, all abilities and in any type of space - from educational workshops to events management, from classrooms to out on the street.  Drum Runners are a vehicle for community delivery, including work across many public sectors – arts, health, environmental and children’s services.

Drum Runners – contracted by the council, Jason Knight and Paul Midgley manage the creative content - contracting and coordinating all the work of the performers and promoters, liaise with the council and Eurohire and assist with many other aspects of the running of the festival.

Drum Runners
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Jason 07843 348656 / Paul 07932 448627

Beats n Bars

Beats n Bars was established in the Spring of 2008 by Patsy Neal and Richard Reece, aka the Author, with just one objective in mind….to provide performance opportunities for the vast young talent of Basingstoke.  Beats n Bars predominantly promotes hip hop and grime although so much talent has emerged since then that the boundaries have widened considerably.  In 2013, Andre Schuster, aka MCX, joined the team and actively organises and participates in many events in Basingstoke and Winchester. 
We are very proud that overs the years we have been able to provide performances opportunities for local artist to support many headline acts including Klashnekoff, Kano, Akala, Ugly Duckling, Wretch32, Chip, Bashy, Scorcher, DoubleS,, Luck & Neat & Ironik.

Follow us @beatsnbars

Lost in Bass UK

Daniel Eaton, aka Lyrical D

Lost In Bass UK is run by MC Lyrical D from Basingstoke. From an initial idea as a teenager, L.I.B. UK spring boarded in 2010 as a Drum and Bass / Jungle event.  With an ever growing fan base they have been working all over the UK putting on events and doing booked performances, also hosting rooms at numerous events. They also have a sister event called Rave To Save UK, which is a non-profit DNB event, with all the money going to the St Michael’s Hospice charity in Basingstoke.

Lost in Bass UK are all about good vibe’s and helping the young and the up and coming who need a chance to perform, whilst not forgetting the legends that have made the scene what it is. We always have so much planned as usual, working year’s in advance, your be seeing a lot more of us. BIG UP!!!!!.



Samantha Carter

Cartermusic aim is to ‘bring people together through music’ and offers the live music appreciator an alternative to rock, indie and punk that is often prevalent within the ‘gig scene’, and showcases reggae, jazz-funk, blues and soul.
Samantha Carter began promoting live music in the area in 2001 and events have included;  Sunday Sessions, X-treme Festival, One Beat Festival , ‘Gigmania’ TV pilot for Channel 4,  James Taylor Quartet National Tour, several battle of the bands competitions for local newspaper, Basingstoke Live and Live at the Rock.
Cartermusic endeavours to showcase local talent alongside National and International artists; predominantly bands and musicians which write and perform their own original material.

Rockbitch Music

Jon Lovegrove

RockBitch Music - Formed in 2004, with an intention to put on good music shows. Shows that people can just.. enjoy.

We’ve now been involved with over 500 shows - both as engineers and promoters.. During this time, we’ve worked with some of the UK and Europes best underground talent (and… some American as well) - and concentrated on developing our reputation as one of the most eclectic music promoters in the country. We don’t care what genre of music you are - as long we think you can put on a good show. We also strive to give local bands gigs they’ll always remember - matching them up with some once in a lifetime experiences and hopefully helping them grow.

Rockbitch Music on Facebook

That Vibe Promotions

Shani Saunders

That Vibe Promotions was founded in March 2013 after catching the live music bug from a stint of band management working alongside Pam Gibson from Amalgamation Development. That Vibe Promotions Presents `Live Vibe` events were promoted to introduce touring and growing `out of town` bands to Basingstoke`s live music scene working alongside our home-grown local talent in various venues in Basingstoke and Aldershot, with the aim to help them build on their fan base and to gain valuable gig experience to grow. After many stonking events with a diverse mix of amazing bands, That Vibe decided to go down a more chilled path to create the `Acoustic Soup` which was an idea put into action with a fun, fresh twist to showcase the artists performing with a guaranteed audience participation. The emphasis is all about a fun vibe and it will continue to do so!

That Vibe Promotions on Facebook

Basingstoke Voluntary Action - Youth

The BVA Youth Team provide advice, guidance and support young people between the age of 11- 19 and up to 25 if they have learning needs or a disability. Throughout Basingstoke and Deane the teams are involved in a range of activities and community projects to increase the skills, ambition and participation of young people with the added element of some accredited programmes.

BVA Youth are funded by Hampshire County Council to provide Detached Work on the streets and Health & Wellbeing School Hubs for the ABC (Aldworth, Bishop Challoner & Brighton Hill, CVC (Costello, Vyne & Cranbourne) and EFH (Everest & Fort Hill) plus Rural LCP areas in Basingstoke & Deane. We also support young people to have a voice in the community, start their own projects or participate in youth leadership and personal development training. Our service work’s in partnership with schools, colleges and key agencies to signpost young people to access appropriate provision and opportunities to improve their chances and achievements.

For more information about BVA Youth please visit http://www.bvayouth.org.uk or contact us on .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

North Hampshire Young Carers’ Partnership
Basingstoke Young Carers is part of the North Hampshire Young Carers Partnership which brings together Hart Voluntary Action and Basingstoke Voluntary Action, Fruition Youth and The Gaming Zone to provide young carers services across North Hampshire.


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